European Commission: The Reform of the Greek Pension Scheme is Crucial

The spokeswoman of the Commission confirmed that the EuroWorking Group came to a wide agreement regarding the next set of prior actions that the Greek government will have to legislate in order to "unlock" the next loan installment, worth 1bn euro. She went on to explain that according to the commission these reforms, which aim at the reformation of the Public Pension Scheme are crucial.

ThePressProject Announces New Collaboration with TRNN

ThePressProject is honoured to announce the beginning of its official collaboration with The Real News [...]

Tsipras Asks to Meet with Leaders of Opposing Parties

A.Tsipras has asked the President of the Greek Democracy to call for a "Council of Political Leaders"; an informal meeting of the heads of all parliamentary parties, excluding the head of the Nazi party.

ECB Sees "Frightening" Increase of Debt in the Eurozone

In a report about the Eurozone economy, the European Central Bank, warns about the danger of increasing debt within the Eurozone and the imminent danger concerning the debts΄ viability.

Eurogroup Agrees to Release 12bn to Greece

In a statement which welcomed the progress that Greece has achieved in legisltating for the prior actions that were agreed between the institutions and the government, the Eurogroup [...]

Nea Dimokratia Fails to Run Scheduled Elections

On Sunday the main opposition party, Nea Dimokratia was scheduled to hold its elections in order to appoint its new leader. Due to technical reasons, the elections were postponed. The [...]

Prior Actions Bill Passes with Losses for Government Majority

The bill with the latest actions which are expected to seal the positive evaluation from the creditor΄s institutions got the vote from the majority [...]

Commission: Plans For European Border and Coast Guards

According to D.Avramopoulos, EU Commissioner for Migration and Internal Affairs, the Commission will present its plan for common European border and coast controls. Mr. Avramopoulos [...]

Refugee Crisis is Main Interest of Tsipras΄ Visit to Turkey

The refugee crisis will be the central subject in the meetings and discussions between the Greek and the Turkish PMs on Wednesday. The same is expected in the talks of A.Tsipras and [...]

Greek Government vs "Institutions Formerly Known as Troika" Talks Reach Completion

After the closure of the dear between the Greek government and its creditors, the EuroWorkingGroup is expected to seal the deal through a teleconference which might even take place [...]

Earthquake Hits Western Greece

On Tuesday morning a 6 richter earthquake hit the Western side of Greece. The phenomenon was particularly present in the island of Lefkada where [...]
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November 29, 2015
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Refugee crisis: Another summit, another action plan
On Sunday, European leaders met for yet another summit on the refugee crisis, which shows no signs of abating as winter draws in, and agreed to yet another action plan. This time the focus was on the Western Balkans, which remains the major corridor for migrants and refugees heading for destinations in northern Europe after they travel through Greece.
Refugee crisis: Another summit, another action plan
The Guardian
Turkey is in shock – but many will have seen this attack coming
As Turkey comes to terms with the worst terrorist outrage in its history, the dealings of Tayyip Erdoğan’s government will come under scrutiny
Turkey is in shock – but many will have seen this attack coming
The Hidden Side of Sanctions Against North Korea
The economy of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has suffered through decades of international sanctions -that were intensified after the two nuclear tests of 2006 and 2009-and the imposition of extended controls over its economy and trade by the UN Security Council (UNSC).
The Hidden Side of Sanctions Against North Korea
The Guardian
The lenders are the real winners in Greece – Alexis Tsipras has been set up to fail
The Greek leader won on three promises the troika will make it hard for him to keep
The lenders are the real winners in Greece – Alexis Tsipras has been set up to fail
Foreign Policy in Focus
How Greece’s Creditors Trounced Syriza
When Syriza’s leadership failed to seriously plan for a Eurozone exit, they let Europe’s central bank turn the screws.
How Greece’s Creditors Trounced Syriza
The New York Times
Europe Lacks Strategy to Tackle Crisis, but Migrants March On
BUDAPEST — Europe’s failure to fashion even the beginnings of a unified solution to the migrant crisis is intensifying confusion and desperation all along the multicontinent trail and breeding animosity among nations extending back to the Middle East.
Europe Lacks Strategy to Tackle Crisis, but Migrants March On
Response, or opportunism?
Several major humanitarian agencies have announced plans to expand, launch and upscale operations in response to the European refugee crisis in the past week. Faced with European governments apparently unable to cope with the influx, aid agencies say their services are needed.
Response, or opportunism?
Der Spiegel
΄I Feel like I Am Dead΄: Alan Kurdi΄s Father Tells His Story
The photograph of Alan Kurdi, the three-year-old Syrian refugee who perished on his way from Turkey to Greece, sent shockwaves around the world. Now his father Abdullah describes his ordeal.
΄I Feel like I Am Dead΄: Alan Kurdi΄s Father Tells His Story
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With a NO we are not bidding farewell to Europe

Dear fellow citizens of Europe,

The discussion about what the Greeks should do in this referendum has reached such a level of tension that it has become very difficult for [...]

Crisis-ridden Greece hit by tax avoidance through the Netherlands

Athens, 30 March 2015 – A new report by the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO) reveals that while Greece endures harsh austerity measures imposed by the European [...]

What did Varoufakis sign - The story behind the scenes

During the past few hours, the case of the four-month extension of the loan agreement has rekindled. Dora Bakogianni, a prominent MP of New Democracy, asked when the Members of the [...]
Ioanna Meitani

Why Golden Dawn΄s trial concerns us all

The upcoming trial of Golden Dawn members is a matter for the whole of society, because the outcome will affect us all.
AK Malaboca

Greek activists welcome much needed breathing space

Many Greeks have low expectations of SYRIZA, but with the coalition in power a space has opened up that allows for the creation of an alternative economy.

Chantal Mouffe: ΄The crisis of representative democracy and the need for a left-wing populism΄

Straight Out Of Camera
Andrea Bonetti / PM Handout / SOOC
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